Safeguarding Your Interests

At H&A Protection Services we believe in giving our clients the best possible service. Starting at our excellent communication from our office staff and onsite operations managers, through to our quality handpicked licenced security officers that are highly experienced in all sectors of the security industry.

Insolvency Sector

H&A Protection services have for the last two and half years, been servicing the insolvency sector and has helped insolvency practitioners, insolvency lawyers and accountants with a whole range of security needs…


Healthcare Sector

The healthcare industry is under tremendous pressure to keep patients, visitors and staff safe at all times. This includes hospitals, care homes, hospices, doctor surgeries, mental health units and more…


Education Sector

Student and staff safety are paramount in the school environment and the security processes, procedures and systems all play an important role in that. We understand the education sector and are aware that your premises can operate well into the evening as a result of hosting out-of-hours clubs, society gatherings and meetings…


Public Sector

We understand the pressures placed on local authorities and government departments to keep costs to a minimum. At H&A Protection services, we will work with you to help you identify savings and find ways of managing your buildings/depots in a more efficient way so no public money is wasted…


Sports and leisure sector

Whether you are a large sporting venue, a major tourist attraction or a small leisure centre, we can tailor a security solution which will address any areas of concern and keep your venue safe…


Construction & Utilities sector

The Construction & Utilities sector faces significant security threats ranging from vandalism to theft of valuable machinery, tools and materials. Construction sites, plant hire companies or builders merchants are targeted because of the valuable assets where the premises can often be left unattended for long periods during night time and weekends making them an easy target…


Company Accreditations and Memberships

We take great pride in our official Accreditations and Memberships. To be rewarded with each one both the company and our staff have undergone intensive training, audits and inspections to ensure that we comply with the requirements set out by each institution.

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