If you’re looking for a smart, professional, fully-qualified security team then look no further.

Although based in Preston, Lancashire we have over 30 canine teams available for deployments nationwide from Scotland, to Manchester down to London and Dover.

We pride ourselves and our handlers on being the most dedicated and professional handlers to ensure security accreditations and our high standards are met with every dog team. All our handlers are fully compliant to BS 8517-1:2016 and are accredited with NASDU, NTIPDU OR BIPTDU and are re-accredited every year as well as carrying out continuation training every month via a qualified in-house trainer to ensure they are fully competent in their high-risk roles.

Additionally, all our dog units are deployed in a suitable air-conditioned vehicle that ensures the canine partner is separated from the driver and any passengers in a contained area to prevent injury to all parties, including rescuers, should the vehicle become involved in a collision.

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Ensuring the welfare of our handlers and canines

Before any task we ensure the welfare of our handlers and canines through the essential use of PPE which can include stab vest, hi-vis and marked up vehicles if this is suitable for the requirements. If you prefer we can send our teams (a handler and their canine partner) in an unmarked vehicle however the canine will still be in a fixed and secure crate with yellow warning triangles on all vehicle access points

At H&A Protection Services clients have requested our General Purpose (GP) dogs for tasks including asset protection, crowd management and operational support such as evictions and building site perimeter checks. This service provides a professional asset in more vulnerable and higher risk situations as well as providing an excellent visual deterrent.

Company Accreditations and Memberships

We take great pride in our official Accreditations and Memberships. To be rewarded with each one both the company and our staff have undergone intensive training, audits and inspections to ensure that we comply with the requirements set out by each institution.

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