We are a nationwide provider of highly-trained handlers and detection dog teams for private and public operations.

Our teams operate overtly to ensure we act as a visible deterrent for your venue, unless otherwise instructed.

Detection dog teams can be used in a variety of operational scenarios to actively seek and indicate the presence of the scent they are trained on i.e explosives or firearms. This is achieved by using a fully trained canine and accredited handler team through non-intrusive methods. Due to a dog’s ability to effectively detect minimum trace of contraband and explosive materials, the request for specialist dog units is rapidly emerging. With numerous dog handlers available we can deploy in any environment at any time.

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Specialised Detection dogs

Regular professional development with continuous training

All our handlers undergo regular professional development with continuous training (CT) to ensure the dogs are proficient and keep to our high standards.

Our managing director, Gareth Howlett, originates from a Military and Close Protection background and as such we have an excellent working knowledge of close protection operations. Alongside our Detection Dogs we can offer our designated CP support service whereby our teams can advance any location, clear and secure VIP routes and carry out searches of vehicles visiting client’s locations if required.

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Passive Drug Screening

Our deployed passive scanning dogs are non-intrusive searching when tasked on persons they will effectively scan the surrounding air, not encroaching that persons Human Rights. The effectiveness of the search will depend on how many dog teams are deployed for your search as we work upon the 20 minute deployment; 20 minute rest period, we therefore will always advise a minimum of 2 dog teams are deployed for optimum results.

Company Accreditations and Memberships

We take great pride in our official Accreditations and Memberships. To be rewarded with each one both the company and our staff have undergone intensive training, audits and inspections to ensure that we comply with the requirements set out by each institution.

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